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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web.

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I’m a coffee addict who loves to read. When I’m not reading, I might be watching TV or gaming. I also discovered my love for 5-D diamond paintings, they are super easy, fun and relaxing to do. Plus I can listen to some audiobooks as I do them ๐Ÿ˜
 I have been reviewing books for a little over six years now (2020) and still enjoy it. I’m in no way, shape or form a professional. I just like to share my opinion of the books I read and I love meeting new people who share the same love for books as I do. I read a little of everything, but mostly fantasy and urban fantasy. I do try to mix it up though once a while. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ“šYou can also find me on Goodreads, Facebook and twitter .

For review inquiries.
You can contact me at snoopydoo77@yahoo.com or use the contact form after reading the review policy below.

  Proof reading:  Closed At the moment.
Hardcovers/ paperbacks ONLY. Please e-mail me for mailing address. Thank you 

Review Policy

Up to this point I did not have any rules or guidelines about reviewing but as the blog grows and I get more requests I really need to set up some guidelines.

So here it goes.

  • I accept books from publishers and authors, including self-published books. In order for me to review your book, please contact me with the burb and the genre. I will get back to you when and if I decide to review it.
  • I will NOT read unsolicited books. If you send a book without my prior agreement to review it, I WILL NOT read or review said book. All unsolicited books, E-copies and print, will be disposed of at my discretion. I know it is harsh but that way you will avoid a negative review because it is a genre I do not like. If you want me to take the time to read and review the book, please take the time to contact me first and see if it is something I would read.
  • If I agree to review your book, I will post any and all reviews that includes negative reviews as well. I will state my own personal opinion and thoughts about the book. I will not trash a book or author. If I do not like a book it is nothing against the author. So please no hate mails and no asking if I can remove the review because I will not. Please make sure you are okay with an honest review before requesting a review of your book.
  • I review paperbacks, hard covers and e-books. I do prefer print copies over e-copies as I through them faster.
  • Iโ€™m pretty open about genres but paranormal romance, urban fantasy, dystopian, and chick lit are my favorite genres. I also enjoy fantasy and mystery books, YA/NA and Adult books. Iโ€™m not a huge fan of historical romance but do read and review them on occasion. I give almost all books or genres a try, just contact me and we can see if your book fits into a review slot.

These are the few I will NOT  review:

Poetry- any Christian and or religious books-political nonfiction or just nonfiction in general . I also donโ€™t review  anthology books

Rating System:

5โ˜…    loved it and will for sure reread at some point

4โ˜… loved it

3 โ˜…liked it

2 โ˜…could have been better

1 โ˜… did not like it

DNF-disliked it so much I did not finish the book

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