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Hey peeps !!! Hope you all having a wonderful Thursday ! 🙂

I saw this tag over at The Corner of Laura and really thought it was neat, and not too long, so of course I had to do it 😀
If you have not already done so, go over to Laura and show her some love, she does so many fun and wonderful things on her blog 🙂

Okay, lets start 😀

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Chapter 1: Let me Cry :A book you loved so much that you just didn’t wish to finish it, link a song to it if possible!

The Shadows Between Us

This was semi recent and I remember I didn’t want it to end because I really enjoyed the main character.

Chapter 2: Little to biggy: A book which includes transition of age (it may have flashbacks from past, just age transformation of some sort.)

Also very recent. I liked how the old and new came together in this series… I really loved this series ❤ I can’t say it enough 🤣🤷‍♀️ It had flashback to the early times but also modern times and its set in a school and the students are teenager and about to transient into adulthood.. I hope this counts lol

Chapter 3: Just move on. A book which you just wanted to finish as you did not enjoy it.

The Toll (Arc of a Scythe, #3)

Ugh. this book… I loved book one and two but this book was just bad .. I thought … it just did not have the feel of the first two books and even the characters made no sense compared to book one and two. Overall I was pretty disappointed with this one.

Chapter 4: Keep coming back. A book which you read again and again because you love a character so much.

See the source image

I’m sure nobody is surprised by this one 🤣🤷‍♀️….. I mean… its Harry 🤩💗.. I have not reread it yet but I know I will at some point because well again … its Harry 💗.

Chapter 5: Piling up: A book which you have not opened but want to(for a long time), can be read or unread before.)

The Modern Faerie Tales: Tithe; Valiant; Ironside (Modern Faerie Tales, #1-3)

I picked this three in one book up for like 5 bucks at Bookoutlet because I liked her other series but of course like so many other books I have not gotten to it.

See the source image

That was it ! This was fun and I hope you guys join in 🙂

As Always thanks for reading and see you soon 😁👋


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