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Review-The Abyss Beyond Dreams: A Novel of the Commonwealth by Peter F. Hamilton

The Abyss Beyond Dreams


 The year is 3326. Nigel Sheldon, one of the founders of the Commonwealth, receives a visit from the Raiel—self-appointed guardians of the Void, the enigmatic construct at the core of the galaxy that threatens the existence of all that lives. The Raiel convince Nigel to participate in a desperate scheme to infiltrate the Void.

Once inside, Nigel discovers that humans are not the only life-forms to have been sucked into the Void, where the laws of physics are subtly different and mental powers indistinguishable from magic are commonplace. The humans trapped there are afflicted by an alien species of biological mimics—the Fallers—that are intelligent but merciless killers.

Yet these same aliens may hold the key to destroying the threat of the Void forever—if Nigel can uncover their secrets. As the Fallers’ relentless attacks continue, and the fragile human society splinters into civil war, Nigel must uncover the secrets of the Fallers—before he is killed by the very people he has come to save.

My thoughts:

When I looked at the book on Netgalley it sounded really good and requested it, I had no idea it was such a long book, so it took me a while longer than most books.

Even though it was a fairly big book with over 600 pages it didn’t see that long which is always a good sign. I was super easy to read and understand and the world building was great and well written as well as the characters.

Even though I have not read the previous series this book is based on , I didn’t feel like I missing anything. Everything was well enough explained or filled into this book.

I loved the characters and the story, both were great. Enough action and suspense to make you keep turning the page. There were definitely some creepy aspects of the book but I enjoyed that quite a bit.

Overall, I thought this was a great book and rate it at 4  ★


*I received a fre

e ARC copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!


Will be available October 21st 2014

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Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2) by Patricia Briggs

Blood Bound


Under the rule of science, there are no witch burnings allowed, no water trials or public lynchings. In return, the average law-abiding, solid citizen has little to worry about from the things that go bump in the night. Sometimes I wish I was an average citizen…

Mechanic Mercy Thompson has friends in low places-and in dark ones. And now she owes one of them a favor. Since she can shapeshift at will, she agrees to act as some extra muscle when her vampire friend Stefan goes to deliver a message to another of his kind.

But this new vampire is hardly ordinary-and neither is the demon inside of him.

My thoughts:

This is the second book in the series and I can honestly say I’m hooked. I absolutely love Mercy, she is such a strong smart and witty , kick ass heroine. Nothing keep her down for long.

This time she has to deal with the vampires and it is not pretty, it does not help that the werewolves are on edge as well and many losing their temper and the wolf takes over. She doesn’t trust the Vampire and yet has to work for/with them to safe the human and the supernatural form a vampire that is possessed by a demon. One of them would be bad enough but a combo of the two is almost too much. Like that would not be enough to deal with, she also has to deal with her feelings for Adam and Sam.

Of course. Mercy would not be mercy if she would not get herself in trouble, but luckily she has some good friends that help her. But she had to do some stuff in this book that might change her forever or the way she thinks.

I found that I really didn’t care much for Sam in the last book, but he seems a little better to tolerate this book. I’m still team Adam all the way.

I really dislike the Vampire Queen and hope she will be “taken care off” in the future books. Maybe Stefan can take over, that would be a nice twist.

This is a fast paced book with lots of action and lots of surprises that keep you glued to the book and on the edge of your seat.

Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next in the series. I’m really curious to see what Mercy gets herself into next and if she chooses either Sam or Adam. I’m not a fan of love triangles and hope she knows soon who (if someone) she will choose and I don’t have to wait 5 books.

I give this book 4 ½ ★

Some of my favorite quotes:

“So in the sweltering heat of a July night, I sang a Christmas carol to a room full of fae, who had been driven out of their homelands by Christians and their cold-iron swords.”


“Damn it” I said “I don’t suppose you have any ideas on how to kill Littleton” He smiled at me, his teeth very white in the darkness of his face “Eat him” he said.”


“I like what you’ve done to your face,” Ben said, tapping his eye.”


“If I ever become a serial murderer, I’ll be very careful to kill people in a pattern that centres around a police station – and not my home or work.”


“A man who will risk nothing for love is not a man “


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Review-Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs


Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson is a talented Volkswagen mechanic living in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. She also happens to be a walker, a magical    being with the power to shift into a coyote at will. Mercy’s next-door neighbor is a werewolf. Her former boss is a gremlin. And she’s fixing a bus for a        vampire. This is the world of Mercy Thompson, one that looks a lot like ours but is populated by those things that go bump in the night. And Mercy’s    connection to those things is about to get her into some serious hot water…

My thoughts:

 This book was on my TBR pile for a long time and I was happy that I finally picked it up and read it, I enjoyed this book a lot.

I really enjoyed Mercy and her let’s get them attitude. She seems like a strong character that is smart, strong and can stand on her own feet , a little sassy  but also gets herself in trouble a lot.

The story was really good and had no boring parts to it with lots of action and some nice twist and turns that kept me tied to the book so much that I stayed up late to finish it.

I really enjoyed most of the characters in the book and thought it was a nice intro into the series and a nice start for the characters and can’t wait to learn more about them.

I really liked Adam; he besides Mercy was one of my favorites. Samuel was okay but not on my top list. Something about him bothered me even though he is nice.

I smell a love triangle to come and not really happy about that, I’m not a fan of them but maybe I was wrong or it will be surprisingly good.

I thought the ending was a great way to set up for the second one, at least with Mercy, Adam and Sam.

Can’t wait to start the second one that I thankfully already have on hand.

Overall I think it was a great book and rate it at 4 ★

Some of my favorite quotes:



“Mine,” he said.

Adam’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t think so. She is mine.”

It would of been flattering, I thought, except that at least one of them was talking about dinner and I wasn’t certain about the other.”


“A werewolf tossed me against a giant packing crate while I was trying to rescue a frightened young girl who’d been kidnapped by an evil witch and a drug lord.”


“Don’t lick the guests, darling. Bad manners.”



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Cover Reveal for Dare to Touch by Carly Phillips, Except and more


RELEASE DATE: January 13th, 2015
Olivia Dare, executive director of the Miami Thunder, and team travel director Dylan Rhodes share more than just a passion for football. Their chemistry is explosive — their feelings for each other intense. Yet Olivia has ended things for reasons he still can’t fathom and she won’t explain.
Unwilling to let something special go so easily, Dylan has been pursuing Olivia ever since. When the Pro-Bowl takes them to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, Dylan is determined to make sure their time together isn’t all business. What happens in paradise is life altering but once Olivia admits her deepest secret and fear, will Dylan still want the forever he’s been pushing for?
Ian glanced around the now empty room before speaking. “I realize I’m in no position to judge relationships in the work place.”
Hell no, considering Ian had pursed his now-wife, Riley, brought her into the business, and promoted her, Dylan thought.
As for Olivia … “There is no relationship.”
“But you want there to be one. And my sister isn’t cooperating. Am I right?”
When Dylan didn’t reply, Ian continued. “I saw you two in the hallway. At the party.”
Dylan blew out a long breath. “Not that I owe you an explanation but nothing happened.” He ran a hand over his goatee, buying time.
“Bullshit. I saw the kiss.”
Dylan inclined his head. “Fine.”
He knew Ian was overprotective of his sisters. He even understood the man’s reasons. For that reason alone, Dylan wouldn’t lose his temper now.
“Look, you’re my friend. More than that, I respect you as my boss. But whatever is or isn’t going on with me and Olivia … that’s none of your business.”
Ian eyed him through his infamous narrowed gaze, assessing him, causing Dylan to straighten his shoulders and meet his stare head on.
Ian cleared his throat. “My sister is tough on the outside but she’s … more fragile inside,” he said, clearly considering his words carefully.
“Your point?” Dylan asked the other man.
“Don’t play with her head or her heart.”
Dylan inclined his head. Unknowingly, Ian had just reaffirmed that whatever kept Olivia at arms length, it had nothing to do with business. If anything, she felt too much or she wouldn’t have run.
“We good?” Ian asked.
“Then good luck in Hawaii,” Ian said, turned and walked out the door, leaving Dylan alone to strategize his next step.
Dylan wasn’t the type to give up on something he wanted. He’d been too soft with Olivia, giving her space, figuring she’d give in to chemistry eventually. Obviously that wasn’t going to happen. He needed to take control and should have done it sooner. Where better than the tropical paradise of Hawaii to make his intentions crystal clear.
Yes they were going to Hawaii on business, but she was interested in enjoying the island. They were staying in the same hotel and attending the same events. That added up to opportunity and Dylan wasn’t above taking advantage if it meant getting what he wanted. And he wanted Olivia.
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips has written over 40 sexy contemporary romance novels that today’s readers identify with and enjoy. After a successful 15 year career with various New York publishing houses, Carly is making the leap to Indie author, with the goal of giving her readers more books at a faster pace at a better price. Her Serendipity books will still finish up in January/February 2014 via Berkley as planned. Carly lives in Purchase, NY with her family, two nearly adult daughters and two crazy dogs who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. She’s a writer, a knitter of sorts, a wife, and a mom. In addition, she’s a Twitter and Internet junkie and is always around to interact with her readers.


When it comes to family, Ian Dare gives his all but in relationships he offers the bare minimum. Until one glimpse of sensual Riley Taylor arouses his dominant and protective instincts. He will do anything to possess her … and does. But any future with Riley must include him dealing his half-brother who is a constant reminder of the pain he’d rather forget.
Riley Taylor believes herself immune to domineering men – until charismatic Ian Dare turns a simple kiss into an all out assault on her senses and she discovers she likes his brand of control in the bedroom. As their affair heats up, they soon realize they complete each other in ways neither imagined. But Riley’s past is closer than she cares to remember, and her struggles with Ian’s dominance might just cost her everything. (love story, contemporary romance, alpha heroes, beach reads, sports heroes, bad boys, billionaire)
                                          B & N: http://bit.ly/1s3YA5Z
                                               iTunes: http://bit.ly/1kmMC6B
Quarterback Alex Dare, had it all — an all-star football career and his choice of willing women — until a severe injury forces him into early retirement. Social worker Madison Evans grew up in foster homes and knows what it means to have-not. She isn’t impressed by Alex Dare’s wealth or charm. Not since she fell hard for him once before, only to discover she was just one of his too-easy conquests.
This time around Madison refuses to succumb to Alex so easily. But Alex wants Madison. And if there is one thing Alex does well, it’s to get what he wants. Can he convince Madison to take a risk and dare to love?
After ending a relationship to a cheating, domineering man, Isabelle Masters takes off in her leased Mercedes, only to be arrested for grand theft and hauled to a local police station. To her surprise, she is rescued by the most unlikely person possible, Gabriel Dare, a man she’s been attracted to for far too long. Gabe offers Isabelle freedom along with an invitation to Eden, an exclusive island resort where everything and anything is possible.

Although Gabe yearns to possess Isabelle, he knows all too well he must fight his primitive need to bind her to him, and instead help bring out the independent woman she yearns to become – or risk losing her for good.
A woman who needs to run her own life. A man who needs to exert control. Can she surrender to his erotic demands without losing her sense of self once more?
Decklan Dare knows about the unexpected loss of loved ones and for this reason, he values control in all areas of his life. Amanda Collins enjoys the freedom she finds in casual encounters without the emotional connection a relationship brings. They meet and their physical attraction is mutual but both experience feelings that could run deeper – if they drop their guard and let each other in. Decklan is first to trust, but when he discovers the secret Amanda’s been hiding, will he forgive? Or will he rebuild every wall before she has a chance to explain?



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